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Professional Development Coaching
for Individuals
Straight talk – Real-world coaching – Lasting results

I offer a structured approach to learning and developing that will lead you to discover and fully deploy your talents and achieve your goals. Whether you are ready for a new challenge, want to advance in your current career or organization, or gain new skills, my approach to coaching will accelerate your efforts toward achieving your goals.


I'll work with you by providing support, accountability, and structure in gaining self-awareness and taking action to achieve your goals.

How Does it Work?

I'll work with you or members of your team to provide a structured approach to setting goals, walking through a process of discovery and development, and then supporting you as you execute your plans and make course corrections as needed along the way.

Typical Clients Include:

Established or emerging leaders: it can be challenging to see yourself clearly and then set-aside the time to reflect, plan, and act on personal and professional development efforts. 


Supervisors: you may see potential in an employee but aren’t sure how to nurture and develop that potential for their advancement in the company, or have an employee who has many positive attributes, but has difficulty working with others or consistently fulfilling their duties.

Organizational Effectiveness Consulting for Teams & Organizations
Focus - Alignment - Results

Helping you create an effective organization – where everyone knows what is expected of them, has what they need to succeed, and is dedicated to working together to achieve the company’s short and long term goals.

How Does it Work?

Effective organizations align strong leadership, shared purpose and direction, positive culture, clear systems and processes, and productive people working in sync to achieve the company’s goals. If any of these factors are out of alignment – or even worse, working at cross purposes – the company will continually struggle to achieve its goals. Further, even if you achieve the goals, you may be continually wasting resources (time and money) as you work through recurring, unresolved issues in communication, decision-making, problem solving and conflict resolution.

I'll work with the leadership of your company to assess your issues and then develop customized solutions with you to focus and align your efforts to fulfill your vision and achieve your goals.​

Typical Clients Include:

  • Start-ups that see the opportunity to launch with effective cultural and organizational practices to help accelerate their efforts.

  • Family owned enterprises that may be experiencing family tensions or need to prepare for transitions in ownership and leadership.

  • Partnerships that may need to evolve their relationships and roles as the company grows and evolves.

  • Companies that are ready to address recurring, unresolved issues that are negatively impacting their success and effectiveness.


Clarity - Opportunity - Growth

Assessments aren’t an end point – they are a starting point providing information that can be used to design a targeted professional development plan tied to an individual’s or organization’s goals.

I offer assessments for both individuals and teams to provide more objective data for understanding themself and others. 


Assessments can provide:

  • A more objective look at your strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots

  • Comparative data for you to test assumptions or perceptions about yourself and others

  • Opportunities for you to learn how to work effectively with people with different approaches, personalities, and perspectives.

  • A starting point for launching a professional development plan

  • A shared approach to allowing the gifts and talents of each team member to be more fully utilized 

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