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I am an industrial psychologist, organizational development strategist, and certified executive and organization coach with more than 25 years of professional experience. I combine my consulting and coaching training to help individuals and organizations clarify what matters and then determine how to align behaviors and actions accordingly. I specialize in working with small and mid-sized businesses – start-ups, family owned businesses, and partnerships – in clarifying business models and missions, project and strategy development, organizational culture effectiveness, and leadership development.


My approach includes facilitating meaningful conversations that lead to transformational change, clear commitment, and thorough alignment of personal and organizational goals and actions. Combining my expertise in coaching, strategic thinking, systems thinking and change initiatives, I facilitate effective and meaningful processes that align efforts and resources of multiple individuals and teams to work toward a common goal.

I also work with individuals to improve their self-awareness and understanding and then coach them through the action steps they determine will lead to achieving their goals. 


In my organizational development work, I design and facilitate project development, strategic thinking, capacity building, leadership development, talent acquisition and organizational culture change initiatives. This work frequently includes coaching leaders through these transformations.  


I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology (with an emphasis in Industrial Psychology) from DePauw University and completed courses toward an MBA at Saint Louis University. My additional credentials include participation in the Leadership St. Louis program, the National Training Laboratories (NTL), certification in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and coaching certification through the Hudson Institute of Coaching (2002).  I am a member of the International Coach Federation.

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