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Professional Development Coaching

for Individuals

Offering a structured approach to learning and developing that will lead you to discover and fully deploy your talents and achieve your goals

Executive Coaching

Applying leadership skills to your current executive role to improve your performance as well as your team’s performance

Whether you are an executive seeking greater effectiveness or you are looking to prepare a direct report for growth and career advancement, being at the top of an organization comes with a unique set of challenges. Gaining self-awareness, improving your leadership skills, and requesting feedback when you are at the top requires a more intentional effort, a safe space to do this work, and a guided approach. Through a structured process, we will develop strategies to build on your talents and strengths and address your blind spots. We will explore your ability to have hard conversations, make difficult decisions, and work with challenging personalities. We can also extend this learning to improve your ability to nurture the talents of your direct reports. This work will create a positive ripple effect throughout your organization that will improve your culture, help you attract and retain talent, and lead to greater overall productivity and results. 

Leadership Development

Assessing, learning, and applying skills to increase your leadership effectiveness

Every employee has the potential to lead. Whether you are already in a management position or aspire to lead, you can invest in yourself and the skills that will serve you throughout your career. 

Typical reasons why people seek leadership development coaching include:


  • Being new to a leadership position and needing to quickly develop or improve your leadership style

  • Having been at your current level for a while and wanting to break through to the next level

  • Noticing some of your more ineffective leadership habits

  • Having a direct report that presents particular challenges that leave you struggling with strategies to help them move forward


While everyone brings their unique personality, professional experience, and worldview to their leadership style, there are important fundamentals and principles of effective leadership that can be learned. Through leadership development coaching, you will learn these fundamentals and apply them to real world situations to refine your already innate leadership style. Ultimately, you will learn how to guide, challenge, support, and motivate your direct reports, from the dedicated team-player to the difficult but invaluable soloist. Through this development, you will also demonstrate your value to your company and enhance your career potential.


Effective leaders develop and deploy skills that enable them to successfully balance the apparent dichotomies of leadership. Essentially, they must do it all:

  • Challenge and Support

  • Learn and Teach

  • Question and Trust

  • Critique and Praise/Celebrate

  • Collaborate and Decide

  • Seek Accountability and Demonstrate Flexibility

Career Coaching & Planning

Setting your career goals and creating a clear course of action to achieve them

Self-awareness, goal setting, and focused follow-through are the keys to creating a fulfilling career. Through a structured process, you will gain the insights and tools necessary to identify the steps between your current situation and your vision for your future. Career coaching can help you advance in your current career or help you redirect your offer, preparing you to pursue a different position or enter a different field.

For career advancement in your current field, we will map out specific steps to improve your learning, skill development, and performance in your current role, identify what it will take to advance to the next level, and increase your visibility in your company and your field. 


For pursuing a new position or entering a different field, our work together will include developing a clear description of what you offer (your talents, skills, knowledge, and experience) and firming up a script to effectively tell a story that captures not just what you’ve done and the skills you’ve developed, but also who you are as an employee, coworker, leader, and person. Finally, I’ll provide a structured process for you to first seek feedback and test your offer for clarity, and then build a network to help you take this offer to market.

Learning & Growth Planning

Continuing your professional development for career advancement

One thing successful people have in common is that they are constantly pursuing learning opportunities and actively building on their acquired skills. I’ll first help you to understand your current competencies and clarify your capability goals.  From there, we will determine what you need to learn in order to grow your knowledge base, and then create a step by step plan to gain and grow the necessary expertise through practice/mastery sessions via real-life situations, traditional education, networking and/or other types of skill building.

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